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Prospect Baptist church

Foundation stone 28 Oct 1899 by G W Cooper, architects Williams & Goode, limestone with brick dressings, closed 26 Jul 1959. First church, wooden, opened Oct 1883 on same site in Pulsford St. Third church opened Aug 1959 in Milner St, Sunday school opened Oct 1960. When the Milner St church became too small, the former St Cuthbert’s War Memorial Hall in Gloucester St was purchased & re-opened as Baptist church 1988, last service 1996, sold, demolished & replaced by houses. The Milner St church was also demolished & replaced by houses.

“In October of last year services were commenced in a cottage in Pulsford road, Prospect, but since then a neat chapel had been erected by a friend, and the title presented to the Church. Open-air services were held last summer, and were well attended.” [Evening Journal 7 Nov 1883]

“The Rev. E. H. Ellis presided at the ceremony, and gave a brief history of the old wooden edifice, which has done good service during the last 16 years. . . The stone was then laid by Mr. G. W. Cooper, who said that when the original church was built, it was handed over to the Tynte-street authorities free of debt. He hoped that the new church would be almost, if not entirely free, by the time the building was completed.” [Advertiser 30 Oct 1899]

Foundation stone 20 Nov 1920 by Governor Sir Archibald Weigall, opened 22 Aug 1921 in Gloucester St, sold to Baptists 1988, last service 1996, sold, demolished & replaced by houses.

“the Governor (Sir Archibald Weigall). . . hoped that the hall would be a tangible memorial, and serve for all time to glorify the gallant deeds of our lost heroes. . . stone . . . inscribed — ‘To the glory of God and as a memorial of the valour and sacrifice of Australian men and women in the great war, 1914-1920.’” [Register 29 Nov 1920]

“In May, 1919, it was decided by parishioners . . . to erect a building to give better facilities for educating the children, and for furthering the efforts of the church among the young people of the parish. . . consists of an assembly hall . . . Kindergarten room . . . 14 classrooms, and a large kitchen. . . The building was designed Mr. Frank Cordon. The supervising architects were Messrs. English & Soward.” [The Journal 22 Aug 1921]

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