Great Small House Design 06 – Judson Studios – 200 S Ave 66 – NRHP-99000370 – HCM-62 – Gallery Entrance

06 - Judson Studios - 200 S Ave 66 - NRHP-99000370 - HCM-62 - Gallery Entrance

Judson Studios, 1911
National Register of Historic Places No. 99000370, Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 62
200 S Ave 66, Highland Park (Garvanza)
Train and Williams

Tucked away in the arroyo of Highland Park is a small, but influential, art studio specializing in stained, faceted, jeweled, and art glass called Judson Studios. Founded by William Lees Judson, the studio has been in continuous quiet existence since it’s founding in the mid 1890’s. In 1901 Judson began teaching a fine arts class from the studios, which became USC’s School of Fine Arts, and continued to meet at the studios until the mid 1920’s. Judson Studios was also home to The Arroyo Guild of Craftsman. Many notable architects have used Judson glass in their compositions, including Charles and Henry Green, Train and Williams, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The current building was constructed in 1911 to replace an earlier Islamic-styled structure which burned to the ground in 1910. Robert Train and Robert Edmund Williams, members of the guild, designed this unusual Shingle-Styled Craftsman. From early photographs archived at the Los Angeles Public Library, it appears the roof was always flat in a Prairie Style, rather than steep gables typically found on Shingle-Styled buildings.

Judson glass can be found throughout the United States from Florida to Hawaii – including the prayer room of the US Capitol’s “Chapel of All Creeds,” Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis and Holly Hock Houses, The dome of LA’s 1913 Natural History Museum by Hudson and Musell, the Palace Court Dome at Caesars Palace, Sun City Ginza in Tokyo, and many, many churches. Judson Studios are still owned by the descendants of William L Judson and continue to produce art glass of the highest quality.

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